Watch Hideo Concert 2012 In Its Entirety!

If you weren’t able to catch Hideo: A Theatrical Concert of Music From Japanese Animation and Video Games this past Memorial Day Weekend in San Jose, well, you’re in luck! Youtuber and Hideo fan Oscar Cwajbaum was kind enough to record the show in its entirety! He came in during our Sunday matinee for us. Thanks, Oscar!

The show is in 22 parts, each scene and song comprising its own video. Be sure to check out my personal favorites The Megaman Medley, Canta Per Me, and Epic Battle.

Team Hideo is hard at work getting the next performance, recordings, graphic novels, etc. ready to be unveiled so stay tuned to for all the latest!

Hideo LIVE 2012 Hits the Montgomery Theater in San Jose, CA in 5 Days!

By: Blair Baker

Four (4!) performances of the most AWESOMEST concert ever (IMHO) are imminent, as is FanimeCon. Are you ready?!? We’ve got several surprises in store for you this weekend; you do NOT want to miss out! I am working on a Hideo schedule of events (which I will then make available here), but until then here’s an idea of what we’re planning:

If you’re attending FanimeCon 2012, find us in the Dealer’s Hall selling tickets, tees, the graphic novel, CDs (including our new Live EP!), and posters all four days with the fabulous Dan Howard, who will have prints available in addition to drawing commissions on-site. We’ll also be playing live music at the booth on Fri, Sun, and Mon, so come by and request your favorite anime or video game tune!

Time to bust out the Hideo banner again!

We’ll be doing four performances of the full-scale show across the street from the con at the Montgomery Theater at 2pm and 8pm both Sat (5/26) and Sun (5/27). Tickets are only $25, general admission, and you can get yours (right now!) over at the Tickets page. Everyone attending the opening performance at 2pm on Sat will get a FREE poster from the 2010 premiere!

Hideo involves a LOT of original art–both for the projections used in the show and for the new graphic novel–and this month we have a gallery at Books Inc. in Berkeley. Join us for a reception with all the artists and Schyler (who wrote the graphic novel in addition to all the Hideo shows) at the store on Mon (5/28) from 5-8pm! Tasty treats will be served. ^_^

Schyler and I setting up the art gallery at Books Inc. in Berkeley

If you can’t make it to the gallery reception but ARE attending FanimeCon, you can meet the amazing artists behind the Hideo graphic novel–Jessica Fong and Christine Liao–at table 111 in Artist Alley. They’ll be stopping by the Hideo booth and available after the performances to sign their Hideo-related work, but you’re missing out if you don’t stop by their table to check out some of their other work!

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Hideo: A Theatrical Concert of Music from Japanese Animation and Video Games Returns for a Four Show Engagement Memorial Day Weekend

by: Sal Mattos

If you’ve been reading the site for a while then you’re probably already somewhat familiar with Hideo: A Theatrical Concert of Music from Japanese Animation and Video Games, also known simply as Hideo.

This one of a kind show, described by NPR as ‘A video game symphony on steroids’ is the brainchild of creator Blair Baker who sought to create the ultimate experience for fans. After attending many video games concerts Blair decided that there was a lot more that these shows could be doing, and so she created Four Lights Productions to do just that.

Hideo combines an original play with live music from anime and video games the likes of Final Fantasy, Megaman, Noir, Wolf’s Rain, Chrono Cross and many more. Each song is accompanied by animated projections courtesy of artist Dan Howard.

The world of Hideo is one that is ever expanding via smaller performances known as Overtures (that feature new storylines, characters, and music) as well as original graphic novels. By bringing together live music with theatre, art, stage combat, audience participation, and more Hideo becomes more than just a concert: it becomes an experience unlike any other.

What’s more the entire show is entirely by fans for fans. Every single person working on the show is a fan themselves, whether of anime, video games, or the music they feature.

Here’s a small taste of what Hideo has to offer:

Hideo began in 2010 and has had two major performances, one in Berkeley and one in San Luis Obispo. Beyond the main stage shows Team Hideo has made its way around the anime convention circuit, even performing as the opening act for Fanime's Masquerade in 2011.

While Hideo won’t be an official Fanime event this year, the show will be taking place right across the street from the San Jose convention at the Montgomery Theater so whether you’re a con attendee or not you’ll get a chance to see it.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be attending Fanime, or are just a huge fan of live music and theatre then this is one event you won’t want to miss. There are four chances to see the show, 2pm and 8pm on both Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.

Get your tickets at the official Hideo website:

And be sure to check out the show’s official facebook event, and while you’re there be sure to give Hideo a like, and maybe even a follow on twitter.

Do not miss this one of a kind show!

oh and I’m in it…so see it for me!


Hot Mess 2: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better

Somehow May has become a busier month than originally expected.

In addition to the epic Hideo Concert that goes up Memorial Day Weekend alongside Fanimecon in San Jose and Laramie Project: Ten Years Later pickup rehearsals, I’ve gone and added even more to my plate!I’m such a fatty!

I’ve joined a group of funny friends as part of the Hot Mess SF ensemble! Hot Mess SF is San Francisco’s newest sketch comedy group, having made their debut earlier this year, and I’m proud to say that I’ll be joining them for their second big mess of a performance Hot Mess 2: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better!

I don’t often get to flex my comedic muscles, but boy do I love to. Rehearsals have already left me sufficiently breathless and I shudder to think what the actual performances will do to me!

Hot Mess 2: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! runs May 17th-19th at the Exit Theatre (Stage Left) in downtown San Francisco. Just a block away from Powell St.

Get your tickets here:

And don’t forget to get tickets for the fast approaching Hideo Concert and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later TOUR as well.

Hideo Comes to San Jose for 4 Performances in May!

by: Blair Baker

I hinted at this in my last post, but now it’s one hundred and ten percent official: we’ll be doing not just one but FOUR performances of the full-scale show at the historic Montgomery Theater in Downtown San Jose alongside FanimeCon 2012 in May!

I am SUPER excited. We’ve never had an opportunity to do more than one show at a time, and now we’re doing four. FOUR!! And even if you’ve seen one of our previous performances, you won’t want to miss this year’s show. We’ve made some minor tweaks to the story and have added a new musical number – and possibly some audience involvement  – in addition to swapping out one of the songs used last year. OMG CAN’T WAIT!

Tickets are $25 and may be purchased via the SJTix Box office or head over to our Tickets page to equip some Hideo goodies along with your tickets. We’ll also be in the Dealer’s Hall during Fanime – playing live music and taking requests! – so if you’re planning on attending the con, be sure to stop by our table to say howdy! Oh, and to buy tickets (and maybe even a t-shirt) too, of course. ^_^

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And can I just say, this has been one of my favorite projects to be a part of. If you love live music, theatre, anime, video games, or all of the above you will NOT want to miss this one.